How does it work?

A large number of students around the world are dreaming of studying into one of the Canadian College and receiving a study permit. Studying in a country with one of the best higher education in the world is an exciting and rewarding experience for many international students.    

what to consider

Once you have decided what field to study, you need to consider the entry dates, the time you need to prepare all your documentation for the student visa, application deadlines, the language requirements, and the fees.   

Starting fees

The college admission fees and Capstone Education Service fees that include free educational and immigration advice: 350.00$ 

Government of Canada (study permit): 150.00$ 

Government of Quebec (certificate  of acceptance in Quebec): 110.00$ 


The college 1-year tuition fee: starting at 6500.00$  



To apply for a study permit, you need: 

- an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) 

- a valid passport 

- to not have any criminal record (you may have to provide a police certificate) 

- to be in good health (you may need to complete a medical exam) 

- prove that you have enough money to pay your tuition fees and living expenses ( you may need to provide your bank balance details) 

                          living expenses outside of Quebec: 10000.00$ per year

                          living expenses in Quebec: 11000.00$ per year


-Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your studies.